Our Products

Decorative Plywood (Veneer): Decorative Plywood or Veneer is basically a thin slice of expensive grained wood or reconstituted wood stuck to a lesser expensive plywood,MDF, or particle board piece to provide an Aesthetic desired finish that the specific wood type would provide.Usually it is used in panelling and furniture making.

Flexi Plywood: Flexi Plywood is the first choice for all applications which require bends and curves. It is flexible, user-friendly, and does not need any specialized tool. Especially useful for covering rounded pillars, beams and construction of designer front-desks, racks in retail showrooms, reception areas etc. it is self-supporting and does not require structural skeletons or special supports. It is the one Plywood that can be moulded and bent into any shape without it clipping, cracking, peeling or staining.

Decorative Laminates: An easy way to give a distinctive and elegant look to your home and office is by simply using a Decorative Laminates on any wooden furniture surface.Decorative Laminates make your home colorful, interesting and can make every room and piece of furniture look distinctive.